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My dog portraits are lovingly made from start to finish.......


Oil Paintings:

I stretch the canvas myself and you can choose from a chunky depth canvas 4.5cm which requires no framing for a more contemporary look or a standard canvas depth 1.5cm which looks great framed.


The process involves building up layers of oil paint taking up to 30+ hours not including drying time between layers to create the effects you can see on my website.

The square format pricing is as follows:


30cm x 30cm - £300.00

35cm x 35cm - £450.00

45cm x 45cm - £600.00


Other dimensons might be preferable, I choose the image carefully with the client to ensure the best possible result.




45cm x 60cm - £700.00


Paper Portraits: 


Painted in acrylic, liquid graphite and coloured pencil on 640gsm 

Fabriano Accademia paper.

A4 size @ £120 A3 size @£225

NEW MINIS 15cm x 15cm @ £70


I need good quality photographs to get the true likeness of your dog. If none are available we can arrange a photoshoot.


For more information, a no obligation quote or to discuss your preferences please do not hesitate to contact me below or call me on: 07813092051

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