My childhood at Stowe School has been a huge inspiration for my work, these drawings were inspired by the novel Mistress Mashams Repose written by T.H.White who was a teacher at Stowe in the 1930's. 

The story tells of a ten year old orphan Maria who lives in a vast crumbling mansion called Malplaquet, this house and its grounds has similarities to Stowe. 

Maria discovers a community of Lilliputians - the tiny people that Gulliver met on his famous travels.

The titular Repose is a tiny forgotten island in the middle of an ornamental lake in the vast grounds of Malplaquet where the Lilliputians have made their home, The Octagon Lake at the foot of the lawn on the South Front of Stowe is the ornamental lake renamed Quincunx for the purposes of the story.





"It has always been a favourite of mine. This book is one for the hall of fame." 

                                                      Terry Pratchett