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Any Thoughts?

Any Thoughts?

The Rhesus Macaque is also known as the Rhesus Monkey. 

They have the largest geographical location of any primate in the world other than humans.

Rhesus macaques are very mischievous. They have been known to overrun villages in India — stealing food by breaking into homes and jumping off buildings to swim in water, they enjoy swimming and are good at it.

When rhesus monkeys find food they let others know by using specific calls.

These intelligent animals can adapt to many habitats, and some can even become accustomed to living in human communities. This is most common in India, where Hindus regard the animals as sacred and usually leave them undisturbed.

They live in active, noisy troops that can include up to 200 animals.

Rhesus macaques have an important history with humans and have aided a great deal of medical and scientific research. Rhesus antigens found in their blood enabled doctors to identify the different human blood groups. These primates also preceded humans into space.



    • Blank inside
    • Printed on 300gsm card
    • 12.5cm x 17.6cm - B6
    • Flecked Kraft recycled envelope
    • Cello bag with self seal tape

    If you are not delighted with your card please contact me within 7 days for return and refund.


    The cards are sent out by Royal Mail 1st class post.

    Please allow 3-5 days delivery.


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