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L is for Madame Berthe's Lemur

L is for Madame Berthe's Lemur

The Latin word lemures means “ghost.” Malagasy people have traditionally associated these primates with spirits because they are active at night, and perhaps because of their eerie, large-eyed stare.
Madame Berthe’s mouse Lemur was only discovered 10 years ago and is the smallest primate in the world. Its head and body are less than two and a half inches long, though its tail is a bit more than twice that length. These threatened nocturnal lemurs live in the dry forests of western Madagascar and rarely leave the forests' trees.
Mouse lemurs are protected from hunting, but they are still captured for the exotic pet trade. They are most threatened by loss of the limited woodland habitat of their Madagascar home.


    • Painted on acrylic, graphite and coloured pencil on 640gsm Fabriano Artistico paper.
    • Dimensions approx. 24cm x 30cm.

    If you are not delighted with your painting please contact me within 7 days for return and refund.


    Painting shipped flat in a strong cardboard envelope with Royal Mail tracked and signed.


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