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Mountain Gorilla

Mountain Gorilla

The mountain gorilla’s habitat is limited to protected national parks in two regions of Africa.

They have thicker fur compared to other great apes which helps them to survive in a habitat where temperatures often drop below freezing. 

The animals are peaceful, gentle, social, and mainly vegetarian creatures. The occasional ferocious-looking, impressive displays are generally from a male gorilla protecting his family group from a threat.

Mountain gorillas are endangered 

with an estimated 1,063 in the wild according to the latest census results (which come out every 5-10 years). They are threatened by civil war in a small area of Africa where they live and hunters kill them for food or trophies. Their forests are chopped down for farmland, fuel, and housing. But many dedicated scientists, park rangers, and other concerned people are working hard to protect mountain gorillas, their forests, and their way of life in the mountains.