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Pair of Hazel Dormice

Pair of Hazel Dormice


These adorable little mammals, just 6.5-8 cm in length, are nocturnal and spend almost all of their time during the summer, hidden up in the tree canopy, very rarely coming down to ground level.

Although they can occasionally be found in abandoned birds nests they weave their own, often in brambles or other shrubs.

They build these using materials such as strips of honeysuckle bark which they then surrounded

with a layer of green leaves.

When conditions are cold or wet, or if food is scarce, dormice curl up tightly into a ball.

In order to save energy they have the ability to survive for a short time in a hibernation-like state called torpor.

The growing human population, habitat fragmentation and the loss of woodlands has led to the reduction of suitable habitats resulting in the alarming drop in the native dormouse population.


    • Painted in acrylic, graphite and liquid graphite on 640gsm Fabriano Artistico paper.
    • A4 size 21cm x 29cm 
    • Signed by the artist

    If you are not totally delighted with your artwork please contact me for return and refund.


    Your painting will be dispatched flat in a strong cardboard envelope and sent by Royal Mail next day delivery.


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