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Z is for Grevy's Zebra

Z is for Grevy's Zebra

This zebra is the largest of the wild animals in the horse family but 

the Grevy’s are more closely related to the wild ass than the horse, while the plains zebra is more closely related to the horse. Grevy’s are also taller and have narrower stripes than plains zebras.The Grevy’s is also quickly distinguishable from its plains and mountain zebra counterparts due to its charming ears that look rounded from a distance. These zebras are tailor-made for the semi-arid climate in dry northern Kenya where it lives but sadly only just over 2000 adults remain in the wild. 

This zebra can survive for five days without water. However, even the hardy Grevy’s now struggles to live on land that has been overgrazed by livestock belonging to the local pastoralist communities.

Since 2009, the area has also suffered regular droughts, which shrivel the grass the zebras eat this also means that the Grevy’s juveniles have a low survival rate.


    • Painted in acrylic and coloured pencil on white Fabriano Accademia 640gsm paper.
    • Dimensions approx. 23cm x 28cm.

    If you are not delighted with your painting please contact me within seven days for return and refund.


    This painting will be shipped in a secure envelope by Royal Mail Next Day Delivery.


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